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IndustrialBundle EU – The Market Report for Industrial Real Estate

IndustrialBundle EU – The Market Report for Industrial Real Estate

Discover the IndustrialBundle EU – a comprehensive market report for industrial real estate in Europe. The IndustrialBundle EU is the result of years of research and offers in-depth insights into this market segment.

Report Highlights:

Statistical Basic Data: Gain access to a collection of socio-economic data. These data provide you with insight into the market environment and support your investment decisions.

Special Industrial Real Estate Heatmap: Our revolutionary heatmap shows you the suitability of sites for industrial real estate at a glance. Based on a comprehensive evaluation model that combines a cross-border distance model with diverse statistical data, this heatmap delivers a clear and intuitive representation of the optimal locations. Locations are classified from AAA (the most suitable sites that meet the highest requirements) to C (the least suitable sites), ensuring easy comparability.

Comparison of Parameters: Our report enables a direct comparison of various parameters at federal, state, and district levels. This detailed juxtaposition offers you the opportunity to precisely analyze the attractiveness and potentials of different locations.

Rents and Property Interest Rates: Stay one step ahead with the latest information on rents and property interest rates. Understand how these critical financial metrics affect the valuation and profitability of industrial real estate.

The “IndustrialBundle EU – The Market Report for Industrial Real Estate” is an indispensable tool for investors, developers, appraisers, and all stakeholders in the field of industrial real estate. With this report in hand, you are well-equipped to make informed decisions and optimally utilize the opportunities in the European market for industrial real estate.

Navigate through the European industrial real estate market from now on with the research you trust.


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