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IndustrialPort’s 10-page market and location analysis is available to all 11,000 German cities and communities. Since 2012. Both in German and in English.

The site suitability for hall buildings is displayed as a score value and also graphically on the basis of a heatmap.

The heatmap was developed in cooperation with the Hochschule Fresenius. This indicates where settling new hall space or operating existing buildings is worthwhile in the long term.

In addition to the basic statistical data for the municipality to be considered, a site survey takes place in the form of a network diagram.

For the main types of use storage, logistics, production as well as the associated office space, all rents are reported at the municipal level. In addition, a subdivision according to the equipment classes is modern, functional and simple. The current property interest is also reported at the municipal level.

The administrative and maintenance costs were charged in cooperation with WISAG. They are expelled at district level. The administrative and maintenance costs were collected in cooperation with WISAG. They are expelled at district level.

All mentioned data are compared with locations of the same site suitability. The database of the IndustrialBundle is updated annually on December 31st.

The new IndustrialBundle is indispensable for anyone looking for reliable data for industrial real estate and their office space. IndustrialBundle market reports are available electronically as download in PDF file format.

And this is how it works:

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As a new customer, you can then download the market reports after the payment – as an existing customer, you also have the option to receive this before payment on account.


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